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The Music, Mind and Brain group at Goldsmiths, University of London will host the annual International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology (SysMus14) from 18-20th September 2014. This conference is organised in association with SEMPRE.

The SysMus conferences are annual events, designed and organized by students for students under the supervision of experienced researchers in the field. The conferences aim to allow advanced students in the field of systematic musicology – particularly those studying for PhDs or completing Masters degrees – to meet and discuss their research.


Systematic musicology embraces an extremely diverse mix of epistemologies and methodologies from the sciences and humanities aimed at studying the phenomenon of music in its general rather than specific manifestations. The scientific side is primarily empirical and data-oriented; it comprises empirical psychology and sociology, acoustics, physiology, neurosciences, cognitive sciences, and computing and technology. The humanities side of systematic musicology involves disciplines and paradigms such as philosophical aesthetics, theoretical sociology, semiotics, hermeneutics, music criticism, and cultural and gender studies.


Postgraduate students (PhD and Masters level) are invited to attend and/or present research (spoken papers and posters) related to the study of systematic musicology. Undergraduate students may also attend to learn more about the field and gain valuable experience being involved in discussions within a conference environment. The conference aims to bring together students from many areas of study- from music, philosophy, and sociology to psychology, computing, and neuroscience- to facilitate interdisciplinary discussion and collaborations.


The SysMus conference series was co-founded by Manuela Marin and Richard Parncutt in 2008. SysMus has taken place at different venues across the world (including Austria, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Italy, and the UK) and keynote speakers include internationally renowned researchers working in various subfields of systematic musicology.


Please visit the general SysMus conference series website for more information on the scope, methods, and aims of systematic musicology and past SysMus events:


Any questions about this year's SysMus14 conference can be directed to the Organising Committee at Goldsmiths at




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International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology 

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